Testimonials - Bryan Michael Ham

Natalie Armstrong Ham- Bridal Shoot in Aiken, South Carolina-  "Bryan has the ability to put fresh and new prospectives on traditional photographs. The results for my bridal shoot far exceeded all of my expectations. His attention to detail and professionalism are unrivaled. If ever asked, he is always my very first recommendation for a photographer for ANY event or photo session!"

Christian and Alicia- Wedding in San Pietro in Cariano, Italy-"My wife and I chose Bryan as our photographer at our three day wedding in Italy. We wanted the emotions at our wedding captured in a very spontaneous and natural way. More than this we wanted our guests to feel comfortable and at ease, so the pictures would reflect the fun and the spirit of our guests at our wedding. Pictures say more than a 1.000 words, so looking at Bryan's work would be my recommendation. Fanfuckingtastic!"

Lukáš Doleček- Marketing Manager at Atrium Flora- Prague, Czech Republic "Bryan was a strong member of my team for a few years. Always focused on the task, reliable, persistent, hard working to get the best results with a sense for the situation. I´m happy I had a chance to work with him and I can gladly recommend him." October 15, 2015

Bryan Wilson- FRICS Partner at Wilson & Partners s.r.o.- Prague, Czech Republic "I have known Bryan for several years now and after seeing his photography skills at Prague IBF events I used him for my wedding. Fantastic and innovative photos capturing the mood of the day. Some of the best wedding photos I have seen, a comment that has been expressed by many of my friends and colleagues who have been extremely complimentary of his attitude and friendliness, his ability to catch the 'right moment' and his unobtrusiveness throughout the whole day. A pleasure to work with and a pleasure to recommend such a hard-working and dedicated professional." October 13, 2015

Helen Skyvarova- Online Marketing Specialist-Prague, Czech Republic "I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Bryan over 3 years (company events, club events, fashion shooting, etc). Thanks to his professionalism, perfect preparation and effort to constantly improve his work, he made not just me but also many of my clients very satisfied. I would recommend Bryan to anyone who expects, professionalism, perfect preparation, creativity but also a great atmosphere during the work." September 27, 2015

Lucie Panchartkova- Spokesperson/PR for CR, SR at Yves Rocher- Prague, Czech Republic- I had a chance to work with Bryan several times and it has always been a pleasure. He is kind, reliable, makes people comfortable around him and through the lens of his camera catches the best moments. His pictures are perfect quality filled with emotions. He will always be my number 1 choice." September 25, 2015

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